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Paralysing Indecision – 18 October 2020

Making decisions can be hard.  Some people can make decisions ‘on the fly’ with a snap of their fingers and be done with it.  Others like to take their time with their choices.  Further still, some people really struggle to make any decision at all and would rather other people do so for them.  Which one are you?  I remember sitting down for lunch at Centre Parc’s Pancake House and looking at this enormous menu and feeling paralysed by indecision.  I started with the basics; savoury or sweet.  Having chosen sweet I then considered the more advanced options; fruit or chocolate.  I then narrowed it down further between blueberries and strawberries.  Once I had chosen blueberries, I decided that I preferred bacon and went back to the beginning.  I must have looked at that menu for twenty minutes.  Why was this so hard?  Well, screaming children didn’t help, but it was more the pressure that knowing this was my final day and that this was the only pancake meal I was able to have.  This was it, and once I made my order I couldn’t go back.

Pancakes aren’t important, unless you’re allergic, but making decisions is an essential task that everyone undertakes.  Many of us focus upon the potential mistake we might make; what if I’m wrong?  That’s a real concern.  When moving forward there’s the possibility we may never be able to go back.  Yet, at the same time, it can be more of a problem if we don’t choose at all because we can’t go forward either.  I’m not sure what’s worse, but I lean towards the kind of paralysis that comes with indecision.  When it comes to following God, it is essential that we make that choice to follow Him.  We can’t float into Christianity, drift in and out at will.  No.  God asks us to make a choice; follow Jesus in all our ways, or go your own way.

We cannot straddle some middle ground where we ‘kind-of believe, but not really’.  I see so many members of Christian communities paralysed by this indecision, always observing, but never choosing to belong.  Continually hearing of God’s love, but never making the decision to trust Him themselves.  If I’m talking about you this morning please make a decision.  Take inspiration from the Ethiopian Eunuch is Acts 8:36-40, who upon hearing the gospel uttered these words: “Look, here is water.  What can stand in the way of my being baptised?” (Acts 8:36).  He saw his opportunity to commit and made the decision to do so.   Perhaps God is asking you to be baptised this morning, if so then get in touch.  Perhaps you’re already a Christian and need to make a decision for your life.  Either way, resolve yourself, one way or the other, and commit to a path.  Choose God and never look back.