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Stuck in the mud – 25 October 2020

I was drawn again recently to the first 3 verses of Psalm 40.  David describes being in a slimy pit, waiting for and calling to the Lord and then being lifted up and out of it by Him and placed safely on a rock.  As a result he sings a new song of praise to God and his witness leads many to turn to and trust in the Lord.

Do you feel you’re being sucked into the mud and mire of despair, fear, loneliness etc, particularly as the Covid pandemic crisis continues on and on?  I understand that the “slimy pit” (v2) can literally mean a place of torment, of ‘noise’.  Try as we might there may seem to be no way out, no hope, no peace.

But, gloriously, there is hope, there is deliverance, security and renewal.  How?  By patiently waiting in prayerful trust and confidence in the Lord, who doesn’t tell us to “snap out of it” or to “try harder to get out yourself”, but instead gets down into the pit Himself and lifts us out!  The ultimate demonstration of this, of course, was at Calvary when Jesus descended into the deepest depths of our sinful mud and mire to save us – and then being raised / lifted to resurrected life and to be the rock on Whom we can stand.  However, let’s not think we’re now on our own in whatever circumstances we may now seem to be sinking.  His promise remains – remember, for instance, the wonderful words in Isaiah 43v2a: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.”  May we then sing songs and hymns of praise in response to God’s mercies which are new every morning (Lamentations 3v22,23).

And did you notice the powerful testimony you and I can have as we wait patiently for the Lord to deliver us (v3)?  May many see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.

Peace and Grace