Seeking to know Jesus and to make Him known to others

The Church is led by a team of two elders, including a full-time pastor supported by deacons.

David Smith

Dave joined CCBC in 1990 and is an Elder of the Church. He also likes to serve through practical administrative tasks.

Frances Walton

I encountered the Lord and experienced His comfort, peace and strength at the time of my husband’s death in 2008 . As a result I joined the Vineyard Church in Feltham and then after moving to Church Crookham in October 2013 joined CCBC soon after. My working background has always been financial so it was…

Jim Naqvi

Jim leads the church fabric team that looks after the Church buildings and the Manse. Full biography to follow.

Chris Butler

Chris is married  to Helen and among other things is responsible for publishing the Church’s bulletin.

Jamie Broadey

Jamie encountered God age 19, after pursuing sporting and entrepreneurial ambitions. He’s now a placement student at CCBC, studying Applied Theology (BA) at Moorlands Bible College. Jamie serves by teaching in the 2030’s group, the Wickham Place Home Group and doing community work with the CCBC family. Jamie continues to work with young people through FACCTS.