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Abraham and Everyday Heroes – 11 October 2020

When I first attended Bible College one of my ambitions was to speak on the main stage of a major Christian conference.  In my mind that would be a sign that I had ‘made it.’  It’s interesting looking back into the mindset of my younger self to see how much importance I placed in ‘moments.’  Last year I achieved one of my dreams as I published a short book and gave a lecture at English L’Abri, but like every moment the experience came and went.  I was pleased to have done it but it wasn’t the defining experience I had expected.  I’ve noticed that we can place a great deal of emphasis on ‘moments.’  Whatever these ‘moments’ might be for you, I think it’s worth taking a step back and asking how important they are in comparison to our every day lives.

This morning we’re talking about Abraham and the call God placed upon his life.  Would you believe that Abraham’s name appears 252 times in both the Old and New Testaments?  But what did Abraham do exactly?  To my mind, there are two notable ‘moments’; his mission to rescue Lot from captivity (Genesis 14:1-24), and his hugely challenging test upon Mount Moriah (Genesis 22:1-19).  I may be wrong, but aside from these two events, Abraham’s life consisted of travelling, managing his family (sometimes terribly!), and talking with God.  On paper alone, Abraham’s legacy seems only to be his son Isaac, aside from this he ‘achieved’ very little.  Paul writes to the Galatians calling Abraham “the man of faith” (Galatians 3:6).  But how did he earn this title?  Giving a great speech, or winning a battle?  No. Abraham’s life, on the whole, provides us with a great example of someone who gave his whole existence over to God.  He travelled to a new land for God, he trusted God’s promise to him, raised a family for Him, and ultimately at Mount Moriah withheld nothing from God.

This morning I would like to challenge you with some simple questions; are you disappointed with your life as a Christian?  Did you think you would do more for Him?  Is it in your heart to be a hero for God?  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to impact the world for Jesus, quite the opposite.  But we should seek to be everyday heroes for God, not only in the moments that seem most glorious to us.  Abraham consistently lived by faith and we should do the same.  God values our everyday life more than we know; how we raise our family; how we approach our work, leisure, and health; how we witness to Him in word and deed.  And success, if we dare use the phrase, is found when we consistently elevate the name of Jesus above our own in every area of our lives.  Let’s continue to do so as we worship Him today.