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What’s First? – 7 July 2019

In a recent book the Israeli historian and professor Harari asks the simple question – what will now become humanity’s focus?  He poses this question on the basis that war has become so costly it is generally unthinkable, that humanity is able to solve world food shortages and that it may be possible soon to envisage a world free from sickness and even death.  What then will we as humans turn our attention to?  We may doubt Harari’s predictions; however, it is true that most of us in the UK don’t have to worry about the things our ancestors battled against on a daily basis.  So what occupies us now?

One of the greatest challenges in life is to resist the temptation to do what is easy, or repeat what has always been done.  Instead, we as humans are created to pursue what God defines as meaningful.  In Matthew 6:33 Jesus is speaking to a crowd of people who, much like ourselves, are consistently distracted by the pursuit of food, clothing, wealth and religious traditions.  Jesus responds to them: ‘seek first the Kingdom of God.’  This is no easy task but it is one rich in meaning.  To seek the Kingdom before all else is to consistently approach life with God’s priorities at the forefront of our hearts and minds.  This involves taking the time to ask ourselves what it means to be a Christian in the workplace, in the home, at the gym and in the pubs and clubs.  It means seeking His will wherever we find ourselves and finding the courage to act despite the cost.

As I begin my time here at CCBC that is a question that is on my mind; what’s first?  What are God’s priorities for us as a community placed within this town?  How do we seek first His Kingdom for Church Crookham and Fleet?  I’m excited about the work ahead and I hope you are too.