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It’s Carnival Time – 1 July 2018

The 7th and 8th July are the Fleet Carnival, an event which sees thousands of people visiting over the two days, and this year CCBC will be represented on Sunday the 8th.

We have a pitch booked, banner ready, leaflets and Bibles and gospels generously provided by LivingStones Bookshop.  We will also be giving away bottled water to those that pass by our pitch.

The word ‘carnival’ in modern usage has come to mean a parade, festival, fete, jamboree – among other things.  However few will be aware that the word ‘carnival’ has a genuine relationship to the gospel.  The word literally means to ‘put away flesh’ and was used in the 16th century to refer to ‘a time of merrymaking before Lent’ when things such as meat were given up during Lent – a 40 day fasting period preceding Easter.  As believers in Jesus we are ‘Easter people’, motivated by, and dedicated to sharing the good news of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

‘Carnival‘ also means ‘celebration’, and we are called to be people who celebrate the goodness and generosity of our God in full view of the world.  It is the great commission of Jesus to ALL of His church to be those who go into the world with good news of salvation in Christ. We shall be doing three things:

Worship: God is worshipped when we obey His commands and when we represent Him to people.

Witness:  we will be distributing tracts, Bibles, water to drink plus ourselves to talk to.

Warfare:  stepping out in witness invades the devil’s territory claiming territory for the Kingdom of God.

All things considered, as God’s people we should be authentic ‘carnival people’ – and if you can spare a little time on Sunday the 8th – come and join the party!!