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“By only the skin of my teeth” – 24 June 2018

We all had a wonderful time at Jonathan and Sarah’s wedding last Saturday, with God’s favour on the day being evident in so many ways.  Hundreds of pictures are available via Facebook etc. – but when will the father of the groom learn to smile?

However, two instances relating to the wedding have subsequently reminded me of the above words.  Owing to very over-optimistic planning by the happy couple and other factors, the mother of the groom effectively ended up chasing the bride down the road in bare feet to make it to the church seconds before she (the bride) actually proceeded up the aisle.  (Gill can explain further!).  Subsequently, on Tuesday morning, as a result of awful traffic on the M3 following a multiple pile-up, David just managed to get Jonathan and Sarah to Heathrow with only 4 minutes to spare before the gates closed (seemingly literally) on their honeymoon safari in Kenya.

You may know that the words “by only the skin of my teeth” actually come from Job 19v20 where Job is basically saying that he had narrowly escaped his own death.  Now, clearly neither instance above approached such a scenario!  However, two thoughts have occurred to me:

  1. in 1 Corinthians 3v10-15 Paul writes about the possibility of being saved / getting into heaven effectively by only the skin of our teeth – he refers in v15 to “escaping through the flames”.  Please read carefully through these verses and consider / pray about what God is saying here; and
  2. on Wednesday we received a message from Jonathan that they were having an amazing and incredible time already.  Even if we get into heaven by only the skin of our teeth it will be 10,000 times more amazing and incredible!

Peace and Grace