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“Jesus, be the centre” – 10 June 2018

Gill and I are really looking forward to celebrating Jonathan and Sarah’s wedding next Saturday and are so grateful to God for bringing them together.  Our simple prayer is that Jesus will always be at the centre of their marriage.

Such a prayer is, of course, relevant and appropriate for all our lives, married or not.  Paul writes a marvellous paragraph on the centrality of Jesus Christ in Colossians 1v15-20 – perhaps the pinnacle is v17: “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together”.

I remember reading that Tony Campolo repeats slowly the name “Jesus” for some 5 minutes every morning when he awakes – surely in worship, but also to ensure that Jesus is his focal centre for the new day.

However we seek to do this, may Jesus be the centre of each of our lives – and let us beware any possibility of sidelining Him.  It may help to meditate on some of the words in the Vineyard song:

Jesus, be the centre

Be my source, be my light

Be my hope, be my song

Be my path, be my guide

Be the fire in my heart

Be the wind in these sails

Be the reason that I live


Peace and Grace