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Traditional values – 3 June 2018

We will be contrasting the traditions of men with the commands of God in our study this morning of Matthew 15v1-20.  Now, traditions per se are not necessarily bad – indeed Paul encourages us to “stand firm and hold to the teachings [or traditions] we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter” (2 Thessalonians 2v15).  The problem arises when our traditions cut across and even contradict the truth of God’s Word.

Jesus never said He was the way, the tradition and the life, but the truth!  I came across these potential differences between tradition and truth:

Tradition may exalt people.  Truth humbles people.

Tradition may create pride.  Truth creates holiness.

Tradition may be impersonal.  Truth is intimate.

Tradition may only affect the outside.  Truth penetrates the heart.

Tradition may produce hypocrites.  Truth produces servants of God.

Tradition is something you keep.  Truth is something that keeps you!

Have we in any way allowed our traditions – as a church or personally – to override God’s truth?

Peace and Grace