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Good God! – 11 March 2018

Last Monday afternoon’s homegroup at Campbell Place studied “the fruit of the Spirit is …. goodness” (Galatians 5v22,23).  We suggested that when someone expresses the above, i.e. “Good God!”, effectively as an expletive, we perhaps should try to reply “Yes God is good – in fact, He is so good He even gives you the breath to blaspheme as you’ve just done”.

I’ve shared with some people wonderful examples of the goodness of God over the last few days.  When preparing with Paul for Maria’s Thanksgiving Services on Thursday (15th) I was advised that an anonymous donor had fully paid for the cremation service costs.  In addition, several within CCBC have separately given monies to assist Paul at this time and we’ve also agreed to donate an amount from church funds to him.  An envelope containing a cheque for such monies / amount was therefore in my hands to give to Paul.  He described to me how he had had to commission a contractor to replace his heating / hot water boiler (-the timing of its demise being ideal during the recent extremely cold weather!).  Paul explained how he had sought quotes and decided to accept one particular offer.  The total cost was the exact amount of the cheque within the envelope!

As we said on Monday “God is good: all the time!  All the time: God is good!”

Peace and Grace