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Seeking to know Jesus and to make Him known to others

Why did the chicken cross the road? – 25 February 2018

To offer to help out at the local branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken!  How extraordinary that over the last few days many KFC branches have run out of…. chicken!  This situation led me to think about the essential ‘ingredient’ in our Christian lives – and whether, on occasion, it is missing or in short supply.  Paul resolved to know nothing whilst he was with the Corinthian church other than “Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2v2).

Such Christ-centred single-mindedness was exemplified in the evangelist Billy Graham who passed away this week.  In his autobiography he recalls a Methodist preacher who attended the crusade meetings at Harringay Arena in 1954: “I have come here every night for 93 nights”, he said, “and I have heard only one message”.

There is, of course, only one Christian message which Billy Graham faithfully proclaimed – of a God who created us to live in fellowship with Him, of how each of us has sinfully turned our backs on Him, of the amazing grace and love of God to send His own Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place, to pay the penalty for our sin, and Who rose from the dead to offer us forgiveness and eternal life.

May Jesus Christ be the centre of all we do and are at CCBC and let’s not be chickens in declaring the unique Christian message to the world.  As each bulletin heading reminds us, we at CCBC are “Seeking to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known to others”.

Peace and Grace