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The Son of Man

When referring to Himself, Jesus’ favourite title was the Son of Man.  He used this title over 80 times in the Gospels – each time as the Son of Man (i.e. the greatest son of man of all time), not a son of man (i.e. an ordinary male human being).  Yet it is a most humble title, identifying Himself totally with humanity.  This is particularly seen in any study of His family tree.

The Monday afternoon homegroup at Campbell Place concluded last week a series on the book of Ruth, the last few verses setting out a key section of King David’s genealogy which forms part of Jesus’ family tree.  It was remarkable to note that this particular section includes links to 4 women, as seen in Matthew 1v3-6:

  • Tamar – who dressed up as a prostitute to trick her backslidden father-in-law Judah into sleeping with her;
  • Rahab – the prostitute of Jericho who was saved when her city was destroyed because she hid two spies and lied to protect their lives;
  • Ruth – the widowed migrant-worker from the idolatrous Gentile nation of Moab; and
  • Bathsheba – who committed adultery with King David.

The Son of Man was the Son of such ancestors!  The English Standard Version Study Bible notes that His line “is comprised of men, women, adulterers, prostitutes, heroes and Gentiles – and Jesus will be Saviour of all”.  How low He stooped to save you and me – He came from the ‘uttermost’ to the ‘guttermost’, which is sadly where He found us, to lift us from it to the ‘uttermost’.  Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

Peace and Grace