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Objective and subjective realities

The phrase ‘objective reality’ is all to do with something being true irrespective of my own thoughts or feelings.  ‘Subjective reality’ is, however, all about what I perceive to be true within my own mind.  I can, therefore, consider Crystal Palace to be the greatest football team in the world – but only as a subjective, rather than an objective, reality.

The devil loves to attack both realities.  His very first assault in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3v1 – “Did God really say …?” – was designed to undermine both the objective truth of God’s command to Adam and Eve and their inner trust in a loving and good God.  Today we also face challenges to all Biblical truth as well as to our inner peace and confidence in God.

In the Wednesday evening homegroup we are studying Galatians and this week we focussed on Gal 3v26-4v7.  We noted the glorious objective realities that all believers are sons of God, clothed with Christ and heirs of all God’s precious promises.  In particular, the stunning reality of being clothed with Christ (Gal 3v27) means that when God looks at each believer, He actually sees His Son!

Yet how often we doubt such realities.  We wonder whether they really apply to ourselves.  So God in His amazing grace also sends His Holy Spirit into each Christian’s heart at their conversion to confirm our sonship (Gal 4v6) – He “testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children” (Romans 8v16).  Timothy Keller writes: “The Spirit brings the subjective enjoyment of the objective standing we have through the Son.”

May we all cling to the objective reality of who we are in Christ – His adopted children – regardless of our feelings.  May we also hear the Holy Spirit’s voice in our hearts, enabling us to feel and enjoy such truth in increasing measure.

Peace and Grace