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The Breath of Life

Gill and I are so grateful for all your prayers, messages, cards etc. over the past week as Gill’s mother
sadly was taken into hospital on New Year’s Day and eventually passed away on 6 January.  Since last
Saturday evening she slipped into an ever deepening sleep and we are so thankful that her final
steps into the Lord’s presence were very peaceful, in a separate side room.
It is an extraordinary experience to witness someone take their final breath – one moment to be
‘with us’, the next ‘gone’.  I have been really reminded of the fact that every breath we breathe is a
gracious and precious gift from God (Acts 17v25).  You will remember that when God made Adam
from the dust of the ground He “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a
living being” (Genesis 2v7).  It is a real challenge to think whether I seek to glorify God with every
breath I breathe (1 Corinthians 10v31).
Of course, there are deep spiritual as well as physical applications to “the breath of life”.  In the
great prophetic picture of the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37 the Sovereign Lord speaks to the dry
bones: “I will make breath enter you and you will come to life” (v5).  The prophecy speaks of the
Spirit of God reviving and renewing and restoring spiritual life in the place of deadness and dryness.
To begin to live spiritually we need the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into us; and to truly live each
day as His people we need to breathe in the wind of God’s Spirit and to breathe out God’s life to
others.  One of Gill’s favourite hymns is “O Breath of Life” – the first verse is a wonderful prayer to
pray each day:
O Breath of Life, come sweeping through us,
Revive Your Church with life and power;
O Breath of Life, come, cleanse, renew us
And fit Your Church to meet this hour.
Peace and Grace