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The Monday afternoon homegroup that meets at Campbell Place has decided, in its great wisdom, to study the book of Revelation and we duly went through chapter 1 last week. Actually we had a really good time digging into some glorious Scripture for well over 2 hours!

The primary emphasis of Revelation 1 is John’s stunning vision of Someone “like a son of man”; do meditate on how the Lord Jesus is described and on what He says in v12-20. Just prior to these verses John refers to his circumstances and we can easily overlook something vital. He talks in v9 of “the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus”.

The Bible sets out the amazing ‘possessions’ we now enjoy as Christians –forgiveness, peace, grace, eternal life etc. – as well as the certain hope we have of being in heaven with the Lord forevermore. However, John focusses on 3 particular present ‘possessions’ – suffering, kingdom and patient endurance. They actually all fit together. At times – perhaps a lot of the time – being a Christian is very much about persevering, “sticking at it”, enduring patiently; this may be in the face of direct suffering for being a Christian and / or indirect suffering in living in a fallen world. All this is part of us being citizens of the Kingdom of God. But surely such citizenship is also our great thrill and motivation – we belong now to our loving King’s wonderful new Kingdom characterised by “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14v17). May the Holy Spirit enable us to truly ‘possess’ all that is ‘ours in Jesus’.

Peace and Grace



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