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It’s Your Move – 27 June 2021

Luke and I are part of the FACCTS team presenting the ‘It’s Your Move’ programme across Junior Schools to help prepare their Year 6 children for the transition to secondary school.  It’s a real privilege and opportunity to be able to pass on information and advice based on very useful Scripture Union material, as well as draw out some of the lessons that can be learned from Daniel and his 3 friends following their transition to Babylon.

The children on Friday afternoon listened attentively as we explained the importance of seeking to remain true to themselves when moving schools and avoiding being ‘squeezed’ into the values / moulds of others when these may be harmful to us.  We illustrated this with Daniel and his 3 friends resolving not to eat the royal food and wine in Babylon because of all the associations with idol worship and their desire to trust God.

We’ve noted previously the famous JB Phillips translation of Paul’s words in Romans 12v2 – “Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould”.  What particularly struck me on Friday as I saw the great potential in some 30 children before me, was very simply that IT IS THEIR MOVE – and it is OURS ALSO!  They must be proactive and so must we.  The concept of “letting go and letting God”, as though we’ve no part to play in our Christian lives, is not Biblical – it’s also foolish and potentially dangerous.

We’re just concluding in the Wednesday evening homegroup a series on the letter of James, which contains some of the most practical teaching in the entire Bible.  Do read it through and be challenged to take Godly action, maybe in a particular area that God has been putting His finger on, because, after all, It’s Your Move!

Peace and Grace