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God’s rainbow – 30 May 2021

A few weeks ago I referred to a book of daily readings “Reading between the lines” written by Glen Scrivener.  I have continued to very much enjoy each day’s reading – let me summarise one recent reading.

Have you ever wondered why a rainbow is so called?  We could, perhaps, describe it as a rain-arc or a rain-dome – but it is specifically described as a rain-bow.  You may remember that this was instituted by God as a sign of the covenant (i.e. agreement or promise) He made never to flood the whole world again (see Genesis 9v1-17).  Scrivener then makes two points:

  1. Whilst the rainbow is a reminder to us of God’s promise, Genesis 9v16 explicitly says that God sets it in the clouds so that He will remember.  Scrivener writes: “to know that God remembers His covenant – that’s true assurance”.
  2. The bow is not some kind of hair bow, or present bow, but a war bow – a bow and arrow bow.  But look where it is pointed – away from us, effectively at heaven.  After the flood the earth was still filled with sin and God is still angry with sin.  But He will fire the arrow of judgment at Himself.  On the cross Jesus absorbs heaven’s blow for us, in our place.

What a glorious sign!  As Scrivener says: “Next time you see a rainbow, don’t just admire the colours.  Be astonished at the love.”

Peace and Grace