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Completion – 2 May 2021

As a birthday present this year, Gill bought me Volume 1 of ‘Reading Between The Lines’ by Glen Scrivener, which is a book of daily readings based on passages in the Old Testament.  I’ve only dipped into it so far, but already I’m discovering wonderful, refreshing truths – new perspectives on very familiar passages.  Let me summarise some thoughts on the creation of Eve in Genesis 2.

I’ve perhaps never really considered the implications of the fact that Eve, not Adam, was the climax of creation!  Adam needed companionship and help – it was “not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2v18).  So God created Eve as Adam’s helper – he needed her assistance – and note that God is often described as our helper in the Bible.

But how does God create Eve?  Let me quote Scrivener: “to create a bride, Adam must go down into a death-like sleep.  Great violence will be done to him.  His side will be pierced.  And from him will come another – his complement, his bride.  Then he is raised up and brought together with her in a time of praise, singing and consummation.”

What a glorious picture this then is of The Man, Jesus, giving His life for His bride – His side is pierced, He descends into death – but He rises again to be united to His people. 

Try to meditate further on Eve’s creation – for instance the Bible’s very high view of women contrary to what some believe, the whole principle of complementarianism and the truth that none of us are a spare part (or rib) with God since Jesus died for each of us to win us as His bride.  We are not alone – we are complete in Jesus.

Peace and Grace