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Re-emerging from lockdown – 12 July 2020

Have you, perhaps, tried to compare our current circumstances with the re-emergence of Noah and his family from the ark following the Flood?  When they first entered the ark we read the very significant words: “Then the Lord shut him in” (Genesis 7v16) – they were locked in, or locked down, by the Lord – and, in truth, were shut in with God.  Has that been your experience?  Have you felt the Lord’s presence with you during this lockdown?  Let us always remember that, ultimately it wasn’t Boris who shut our doors, but the Lord, who came with us and has stayed inside with us!

But whilst the rainfall lasted 40 days and 40 nights, it was almost another year before Noah and his family actually re-emerged from the ark.  They needed to be very patient as the waters receded – and so do we!  And notice, in particular, that:

  • re-emerging represented the great opportunity of a new beginning, not merely the return to the ‘same old, same old’.  May God lead CCBC along His paths of righteousness, may we hear His voice and be obedient to any new thing He is doing (Isaiah 43v18,19);
  • the very first thing that Noah did when he left the ark was to build an altar to the Lord and offer a sacrifice to Him.  What a reminder to us to continue always to focus on “Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2v12); and
  • as Noah and his family re-emerged they were reminded of God’s grace.  God covenanted never again to destroy all living creatures as He had done and to provide the earth’s seasons, with the sign being the rainbow in the clouds.  How poignant that the rainbow is seen throughout our land as a symbol for the caring, healing NHS.  God’s rainbow in the skies speaks of his amazing grace, with its colours being most radiant when the backdrop of the clouds is the darkest.

Peace and Grace