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Personal Prayers – 14 June 2020

You will be aware that ‘places of worship’ are now allowed to open for private individual prayer.  The elders and deacons have discussed this proposal and have agreed that it is neither necessary nor practical at this time for CCBC.  Luke is planning to draft a full explanation, but in essence we all have the amazing privilege of being able to speak with the Lord at any time, in any place – our church buildings are not holy spaces per se.  As we often say, the church is the people, not the building!  From a practical perspective, a considerable cleaning effort would be required to ensure safety.  (Furthermore, no one has requested such an opportunity to pray, certainly throughout this current lockdown period).

Also relating to personal prayer, but from a totally different perspective, I learned on Friday that Timothy Keller, the American pastor and writer who many of us regard extremely highly, is suffering from pancreatic cancer.  In a circular email I received informing of this, Timothy writes that he and his wife Kathy “are praying along with these words from John Newton:

[May we] be ambitious to experience what the glorious Gospel is capable of effecting, both as to sanctification and consolation in this state of infirmity; that we may have our loins girded up, our lamps burning, and by our simplicity and spirituality constrain those who know us to acknowledge that we have been with Jesus, have sat at His feet, and drunk His Spirit.”

Amen – and what a prayer!

Peace and Grace