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Considering A ‘Coincidence’ – 17 May 2020

This week I put my phone into the washing machine.  Normally I’m very careful with my phone but I’m on a bit of a roll with phone destruction as of late.  Over the past year I have had one phone’s battery fail on me, another phone pass away due to an ill-fated drop, and one more succumb to age as time finally got the better of it.  Tuesday it was almost this phone’s turn as I hurriedly placed my jeans into the washing machine with my phone still in my pocket.  I then turned the washing machine on before settling down for a bit of a rest.  It was at that moment that my wife’s phone began to ring.  I looked over and noticed that the caller ID was actually me; my phone!  So I frantically searched for my phone knowing something must be wrong. But then it hit me; oh!  I rush to the washing machine, call my phone, only to hear the sad muffled reply of a ringtone echoing from the spinning drum.  I stop the wash, pull my phone out and thankfully it was working perfectly.

What am I to make of this experience, and why am I sharing it with you?  There are a couple of things that are worth noting.  Firstly, there is no way my phone is sentient.  That means my phone wasn’t exercising its own will by calling out to me from the watery depths.  So that leaves two options; luck or providence.  I don’t know what the chances are that the water in the washing machine managed to enter in the correct unlock code, select the ‘call’ option, and then choose to call the phone sitting right next to me.  I don’t know the odds, or even how to calculate them, but they seem slim.  So the other option is that God stepped in.  Perhaps He did so with a smile, knowing how much I need my phone right now, knowing that I couldn’t afford to replace it at this moment in time.  Maybe.  But I don’t know.

It strikes me that each of us have these coincidences that beg for further interpretation and meaning.  But the most interesting question for me is ‘why would God care about my phone?’  But I believe He does.  In Matthew 10:29, for instance, two sparrows sell for a penny (so worthless and common are to us), and yet God knows and cares about when each will die.  God knows other minute details like the hairs on our head.  And if God cares about sparrows, and phones even, how much more does He care about us?  How involved is God in the details of our lives?  And, in that knowledge, how much easier is it for us to trust Him?