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What next?! – 22 March 2020

What dramatic and extreme days we are living in!  Just 7 days ago Gill, David and I were enjoying a meal in a Winchester restaurant and, of course, last Sunday morning we were all able to meet together to worship God.  Now things are totally different and we may be wondering “what next?”  However, whilst we may be self-isolating and / or ‘keeping at a distance’ – and sadly we are now unable to gather together in person this morning – I really hope that we will continue to ‘meet’ via digital, mobile, semaphore etc means and, above all, always carry on worshipping God.  I am so encouraged and grateful for all the networking etc already taking place; do let Luke or me know of anyone who might be in danger of falling through the net.

All of God’s word is so useful for us all at this time (2 Timothy 3v16,17) and I’ve been particularly thinking about James 4v13-15 recently.  The world around us has assumed for so long that tomorrow will be just like today, a further opportunity to prosper – and we can, so easily, be sucked into such a mentality.  Indeed, the understandable great hope now is that ‘things will return to normal’ within a very short timescale.  Of course we must pray for this and especially demonstrate God’s love and compassion to everyone across CCBC and beyond.  But our hope, surely, must be for far more than a return to normality – and our trust must remain in our sovereign, saving and loving God who always knows ‘what’s next’ and especially all of the future.  Our God is our total certainty, both for today and tomorrow, even in times of great uncertainty.  He is also our great ‘constant’, the same yesterday, today and for ever (Hebrews 13v8) whatever happens next.

Peace and Grace