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The supremacy of Jesus Christ – 6 October 2019

Two quotes particularly struck me as I prepared to write this bulletin article.  The first came from my earthly spiritual hero C H Spurgeon (CHS) in a daily reading: “Let us study what books we may, the knowledge of a crucified Saviour will still remain the sublimest of all the sciences”.  The second is an unattributed quote in some notes of a talk by John Wyatt, the Christian Professor of Paediatrics at University College London: “He [i.e. Jesus Christ] was with us in the darkness of the womb, as He will be with us in the darkness of the tomb”.

The miracle of the incarnation is extraordinary – the Son of God taking on human flesh / becoming a man.  Indeed to describe this as a miracle seems totally inadequate – it’s far greater!  But as we then think of the cross we must surely agree with CHS who further comments: “that He should die, this is the climax of love’s sacrifice: the summit of the Alp of love”.

The apostle Paul writes in Colossians 1v18 about Jesus having the supremacy in everything.  May this increasingly be the case in our hearts, in our families and in CCBC.

Peace and Grace