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Love awaits you – 21 July 2019

At the end of the thanksgiving service on Wednesday for Laura’s mum, Bizet’s ‘March of the Toreadors’ was played.  The lyrics associated with this March refer to the “celebration of courage” and “of people with heart”, but towards the end the Toreador is told these three precious words: “Love awaits you”.

These glorious words are true for every Christian – love awaits us when it is our time to cross from this age into eternity.  As the Apostle John reminds us, God is love (1 John 4v16) – and God Himself will be waiting for us, with arms outstretched wide, to welcome us into His presence.

We were thinking in the Wednesday homegroup this week how often we actually reflect on the Lord’s return / second coming.  Jesus encourages us to watch and to be ready.  We noted that our watching is not to be like a security guard inspecting a bank of CCTV monitors for any signs of ‘movement’, but rather the excited anticipation of a lover waiting for their beloved or a prisoner of war eagerly looking forward to the day of their liberation.

What love awaits us!  What love God showers upon us each day!  May our love for God and for each other increase and deepen as we look forward to the day when we shall be forever with the Lord.

Peace and Grace