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Ongoing grace – 27 January 2019

We sing about and celebrate God’s amazing grace here at CCBC and frequently remind ourselves that grace may be ‘spelt’ Great Riches (or Redemption) At Christ’s Expense.

I expect many are enjoying the BBC’s current dramatisation of Les Misérables, perhaps one of the finest books ever written (and by a Frenchman!).  The story centres on the great contrast between legalism and grace.  I continue to find one of the most moving incidents to be when the priest freely forgives Jean Valjean for stealing some silver and says “I gave you the candlesticks too … why did you not carry them away?”

We noted in the Wednesday homegroup this week that the final verse in the Bible is a prayer: “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people.  Amen” (Revelation 22v21).  In the preceding verses the theme is very much the Second Coming of Jesus – indeed immediately before this final prayer is the great, yet so succinct, cry: “Come, Lord Jesus”.  I believe God is reminding us of our vital, ongoing need to know, experience and share the Lord’s grace, every moment until Jesus returns.  May we never lose sight of His grace.  May our constant prayer for each other be to receive more of His grace, noting that this is to be with God’s people – i.e. not some theoretical, theological constant but an abiding reality for each of us.

Peace and Grace