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Seeking to know Jesus and to make Him known to others

Believers’ Prayer – 16 September 2018

In Acts 4v23-31 Peter and John report back to the early church that they have been forbidden to speak about Jesus.  Immediately they all “raised their voices together in prayer to God” and asked the Lord for His power to speak His word with great boldness!  The threats and opposition of the religious authorities didn’t in any way deter or discourage them – rather they prayed together for even greater ability to spread the good news of Jesus.  Notice that they didn’t pray for the threats etc to be removed!

We have set aside today as a special Day of Prayer for evangelism and mission.  Let us raise our voices together, similarly seeking Divine boldness.  Some may not want to hear; others may suggest it is all unnecessary as ‘all roads lead to heaven’.  Our own sinful (and fearful) flesh and our enemy, the devil, will also want us to keep quiet.  But we can and must declare with boldness the glorious gospel.

Look closely at the prayer in these verses.  Before asking for boldness they focus on God’s sovereignty, the fact that He speaks and above all saves through Jesus who serves.  What confidence we can have as we pray today.

Peace and Grace