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“Such a great salvation” – 20 May 2018

I was glancing through a book by John Stott a couple of days ago and was struck by his wonderful description of our salvation:  “Conceived in a past eternity, achieved at a point in time and historically worked out in human experience, it will reach its consummation in the eternity of the future.”

Just reflect on some of the glorious aspects of our salvation summarised so well in those words:

  • its eternal, comprehensive nature, always being God’s ‘Plan A’ – indeed He doesn’t ever have a ‘Plan B’.  He wasn’t ‘caught out’ by Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden, nor must we ever think that Jesus’ death on the cross was solely due to a plot by wicked men or because of the devil’s evil desires (refer, for example, to Acts 2v23 and 4v27,28);
  • the specific achievement of our salvation through the cross by our Lord Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago.  He has paid the price in full – our salvation is, therefore, entirely because of God’s grace.  And yet, our salvation must be demonstrated and confirmed in our daily Christian lives (refer for instance to Hebrews 10v10,14); and
  • whilst we have been saved  from the penalty of sin and are being saved from the power of sin, a great day of consummation is coming when we shall, for all eternity, be saved from the very presence of sin (Revelation 21v4 etc.).

May we all join David in Psalm 13v5:  “I trust in Your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in Your salvation”.

Peace and Grace