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Banquet guests – 6 May 2018

You may have heard the ‘allegory of the long spoons’ supposedly illustrating the difference between heaven and hell.  In both places people are forced to eat with very long spoons.  In hell, the people are unable to lift food to their mouths using such cutlery and are starving.  In heaven, everyone feeds each other across the table and are satisfied.

Tragically such as allegory falls far short of the Bible’s teaching on heaven and hell.  Yet, perhaps, it may contain one or two grains of ‘truth’.  The concept of “the wedding supper of the Lamb” is clearly stated in Revelation 19v9, surely picturing the joyful celebration of all Christians throughout eternity in the new heaven and new earth, as we worship and enjoy being together with the Lord.

The ideas of service and satisfaction are also pictured in the ‘feeding of the five thousand’, one of the two banquets we will be studying this morning in Matthew 14v1-21.  Can we not appreciate the significance of Jesus as the host, everyone reclining for dinner, the disciples serving and all eating and being satisfied (v20)?  What a contrast with Herod’s hellish banquet of evil and destruction.

Everyone will ultimately be a guest at one of these banquets – which invitation are you holding / to which are you looking forward?

Peace and Grace