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Spider man and woman – 11 February 2018

I didn’t appreciate that we had a media celebrity in our midst until Alice told me on Thursday that she had broadcast Christian ‘thoughts for the day’ on Isle of Wight Radio between 1998 and 2000.  As part of one of her broadcasts entitled “The Spider” she said:

“I was intrigued one day as I watched a spider descend from a great height.  I looked for the gossamer thread it was attached to but it was invisible to my eye.  This gave me thought to my spiritual life.  Like the spider, my life of faith is stepping out and trusting in Jesus.  I cannot see Him but I believe in Him.  Life with Him is one of faith, believing, hoping, trusting and relying upon Him.  Christian lives must not be dependent upon man, not dependent upon meetings, but dependent upon the person of Jesus Christ.”

We are, of course, exhorted to grow in faith and Jesus commends particular people for their great faith (e.g. the centurion in Matthew 8v10).  However, even having faith as small as a mustard seed enables us to seek the impossible (Matthew 17v20) because the ‘secret’ is not in our faith but, like the spider’s thread, in the One in Whom our faith is placed / attached.

Peace and Grace