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Church matters – 21 January 2018

Recently Frances forwarded to me a UCB ‘Word for Today’ entitled “Why go to church?”  Whilst some of us may perhaps have little option(!), in reality there are many great reasons for doing so, including the following summarised from the UCB daily thought:

  • the church is the only organisation that still deals with vital issues like salvation, death, judgment, grace, purpose, heaven and hell;
  • it adds value and dignity to human life – it proclaims God’s love and acceptance in the midst of a secular culture that contributes to our sense of inner worthlessness;
  • the church provides a moral and spiritual compass as it stands on the timeless bedrock of God’s Word;
  • it’s where we find compassion, healing and community and the Holy Spirit working to knit us together as believers; and
  • unlike other institutions, the church has motivated the most lasting, unselfish, essential and courageous endeavours on earth such as schools, hospitals, orphanages and food banks.

The overriding reason, however, is given in the glorious words in Ephesians 5v25: “Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her”.  Such extraordinary, undeserved, costly, effective love – may we each, in our poor and limited way, seek also to ‘love the church’.

Peace and Grace


PS – If you’re not yet a member of CCBC do please consider this and speak with me!