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Membership matters

It was really good that many were able to meet together at the Members Meeting on Tuesday evening and, again, for there to be such a spirit of unity throughout the meeting. We are not a democracy – rather a ‘theocracy’ in which we must seek totally and solely to discern and obey the will of God. Nevertheless, every ‘vote’ taken was unanimous!

The matters considered on Tuesday included the following:

• it was a delight to welcome Sid and Marcelle Loose into the membership of CCBC and we look forward to confirming this at the next communion service on 13 March;
• we were thrilled to appoint Frances Walton as church treasurer and a deacon. At the same time we are grateful for all of Norman’s diligence and wisdom as chairman of the Finance Team and are pleased that he will continue to serve in a ‘consultancy capacity’;
• in his ‘final’ report Norman was able to advice that CCBC has now completely paid its liability of over £57,000 relating to the Baptist Union’s (former) pension scheme; not only have we a legal document confirming the “full and final” nature of our payment, we have also received an email expressing the BU’s appreciation for the gracious way in which the church has dealt with this matter;
• Norman was also able to outline and recommend a “balanced budget” for 2016 which was fully supported (although it was noted that we should seek to exceed his cautious income projections!);
• we noted with sadness and yet gratitude to God that our dear sister Irene Oliver has moved into a care home in Fareham. We have already sent some flowers and a card will be circulated on Sunday for everyone to send greetings to her; and
• we recognised and especially prayed for the many in the fellowship who are suffering in various ways, often on a long-term basis. We encouraged each other to be “Barnabases” – sons and daughters of encouragement – through prayer, hospitality, acts of kindness etc.
All these are important matters because membership does matter and every member matters. May we especially heed Paul’s words to the Colossian church: “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” (3v15)

Peace and Grace