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Seeking to know Jesus and to make Him known to others

Highway men and women

It is extraordinary and wonderful to read how the six month old John the Baptist, in his mother Elizabeth’s womb, “leaped for joy” when Mary arrived and greeted her (Luke 1 v 39-45). Was he rejoicing at being in the actual presence of the Lord Jesus Christ just a few days ‘old’ in Mary’s womb? The Scripture isn’t clear at this point – but John was clearly excited!

Around 30 years later, John prepared the way for Jesus to begin His public ministry. This was all in fulfilment of Isaiah’s prophecy which would include (Luke 3 v 3-6):

  • making straight paths for Him;
  • filling in every valley;
  • making low every mountain and hill;
  • smoothing rough ways; and
  • enabling all people to see God’s salvation.

Amidst all the busyness and potential distractions of this Advent season, may we seek, with the Holy Spirit’s enabling, to be ‘Highway men and women’ like John the Baptist:

  • thrilled, excited, worshippers of Jesus;
  • seeking to live righteous lives;
  • being lifted up and restored from the low places of sin and darkness;
  • replacing pride and self-assertion with humility and selflessness;
  • being men and women of peace and unity; and
  • seeking to share with everyone the glorious gospel message of Jesus, the Saviour, Immanuel, God with us.

And if for any reason we are not walking on God’s highway let’s heed John’s basic message – repent – turn back, turn around – and get on the highway of life, to true life in Christ.

Peace and Grace