Seeking to know Jesus and to make Him known to others

Sermons on Matthew

Don’t Worry!

Mathew 6 v 25-34 The prohibition to worry because it is: Unbalanced (v25b) Unseeing (v26) Unproductive (v27) Unbelieving (v28-30) Ungodly (v31,32) Unnecessary (v33) Unreasonable (v34) The priority to seek first: God’s Kingdom God’s righteousness God’s Son

The Model Prayer (Part 2)

Matthew 6 v 5 – 15 The Framework Prayer 1. The Father’s personage 2. The Father’s purity 3. The Father’s programme 4. The Father’s purpose 5. The Father’s provision 6. The Father’s pardon 7. The Father’s protection The Forgiving Pray-er